What to expect at Chez Alice:

The sitting room :

The sitting room has an open fire place and a variety of comfy seating for holiday lounging around. On hot summer days two sets of French doors can be opened leading onto the verandah. There are books, board games and toys and an extensive selection of records and CD’s for your enjoyment.

An open archway joins the sitting room to the large farm style kitchen.

The kitchen :

The kitchen, for me, is the most important room in the house. I grew up in Scotland and in our home in Glasgow the kitchen was the center of our universe. For a start it was the only warm room in the house, so everything took place around or on the kitchen table….from cooking and eating with family and friends to dismantling car engines, doing homework, family debates….and celebrating my wedding day!

I have tried to create such a kitchen at Chez Alice. There is a fireplace and a large wooden kitchen table, two farmhouse style wooden dressers and a mix/match of enamel dishes, plates, pots, colourful cups, utensils and paraffin lamps to give a happy homely feel.
French doors lead out onto the verandah where there is another large table and chairs for alfresco dining.
The kitchen is equipped with a five burner gas cooker and large electric oven. There is also a microwave, which doubles as a convection oven, handy for heating a few croissants in the morning.
For coffee lovers there is a nexpresso machine and milk frother , or for the more traditional there is a hand coffee grinder and plunger.
There are all the usual modern kitchen necessities….dishwasher, kettle, toaster and large fridge / deep freeze. There is a good selection of pots, pans and kitchen utensils for those who enjoy cooking.

There will be a stock of all the basic non perishables, like salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, herbs, spices, flour, rice, pasta, sugar, tea and coffee and some fresh milk, eggs, butter and fruit, to allow you to settle in on arrival without having to rush out to the shops.

Bedrooms and bathrooms :

The house has four double bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Three of the bedrooms are upstairs, with stone pine floors and large wooden sash windows facing towards the Atlantic Ocean and the setting sun. The middle room is the main very spacious bedroom, with a king sized bed facing the sea. The high thatched roof gives the room an airy and exotic feel.

On either side of the main bedroom there is a smaller, but still spacious, bedroom each with it’s own character. One room has a double bed, comfy armchair and Cape style oak furniture to match the antique bed. This room has a particularly cosy feel.The third room has a double sized brass bed, comfortable sofa and built in cupboard space. The rustic charm is maintained with country style decor.

There is a bathroom at both ends of the upstairs floor. One has a shower and the other a bath.

Downstairs there is a fourth bedroom with a terra-cotta tiled floor and French doors opening out onto a secluded end of the verandah. The queen sized bed faces the verandah, with a view out over the garden and beyond, to the sea.

Next to this bedroom there is a third bathroom with a shower.

A few other notes :

  • There is WiFi connection throughout the house.
  • Situated in the main bedroom upstairs, there is a flat screen television and DVD player, (discreetly covered with a batik, not to upset those who wish to escape from the presence of the black screen!)
  • There is an extensive selection of DVD’s in French and English catering for both adults and children.
  • Once a week bedsheets will be changed and the house cleaned, by my maid, Phiwo, who is very trustworthy, cheery and discreet.
    If you feel the need, it can be arranged that the house is cleaned twice a week.
  • My husband and I, and three dogs, live in a cottage on the property, and I am around most of the time, (usually head down among the vegetables at the bottom of the garden ). I would, however, like to assure you of privacy to enjoy the house, the pool and the garden without being disturbed, but, when necessary, I will be available to help with any queries or problems that you may have.
  • If you are not dog lovers, I can make sure that the appropriate gates are kept shut, to prevent my friendly hounds from popping up to the house to say hello.
    ( To get an idea of where our cottage is compared to the house….look at the photograph taken from the vegetable garden up towards the house….the cottage is nestled to the right and can only be seen from the house through the side windows. )
  • You are welcome to bring along your pet, to join in with the family holiday, but do bear in mind that there are already 3 dogs on the property. My hounds are very sociable and friendly, but, I fear, a holidaying cat would not fair well, and a whole pack of dogs appearing on the property could lead to war!
    At your discretion, a well behaved, house trained dog, would be no problem.
  • Chez Alice is a French and English speaking home.

A final consideration.....

  • I must alert you to consider that the open stairway leading to the upstairs bedrooms could be a danger for small children. Gates have been fitted at the top and bottom of the stairs, but vigilance would have to be applied to insure that the gates were closed when necessary.
  • The small swimming pool next to the verandah could also represent a safety issue for small children, if not supervised at all times.

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